“Artic Media Co LLC”, with registered office at 530-B Hackle Road Ste 100, Santa Fe, NM 87505, acting as data controller, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This document is designed to inform you about our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the information you provide us through our website www.artic.ar; or from our mobile application for Android and iOS.

Below is a description of the information that “Artic Media Co LLC” collects through “Artic Media Co LLC” about its users and visitors and what can be done with said information.

Information Collected

We may collect and process the following data: Information that you provide us, whether you provide us with information, including information that can identify you (“personal data”), when you use the Website/App by completing forms (such as, for example, the registration form), by entering our surveys or by contacting us by phone, email or in any other way; or it may be information posted in the forums, chat groups or comments through which you interact in the mobile application; when using our website or in any way in which you contract with Us any product or service; or as when you inform us of a problem on our Website/App.

This may be Mandatory Information required to register for the service we provide on our Website/App. This data includes your name, email, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and a password. All these fields are required. “Artic Media Co LLC” will not be able to provide you with the services offered on our page and app if you do not provide us with the necessary information to be able to create a user account on our Website/App.

Additionally, “Artic Media Co LLC” may record or control for quality control and staff training purposes, the calls made to our customer service center. Recordings of calls will be retained for as long as reasonably necessary and subsequently deleted, at the sole discretion of “Artic Media Co LLC”.

By registering and/or browsing the “Artic Media Co LLC” website, the user and/or visitor expressly authorizes “Artic Media Co LLC” to record and process your Personal Information for -among others- the following purposes: offer you services; respond to your questions and comments; contact you for customer service purposes, conduct surveys, statistics or analysis on consumption habits or preferences; or notify you by email about travel-related services that may be of interest to you. When collecting Personal Information for advertising or direct sales and other similar activities, in Argentina, “Artic Media Co LLC” will give it the corresponding treatment as prescribed by art. 27 of the LPDP, Decree No. 1558/2001 and Provisions No. 10/2005 and 4/2009 of the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data (Control Body of the LPDP).

Custody and Confidentiality of Personal Information

All Personal Information is collected and stored on servers physically located in the United States. You give your unequivocal consent so that “Artic Media Co LLC” can transfer your data to any country in the world.

By submitting Personal Information in the Application, you authorize and give your free and informed consent so that, in accordance with the LPDP and our Privacy Policy, “Artic Media Co LLC” collects, uses and stores your Personal Information to (a) provide the products and services you request; and (b) send you relevant information in a personalized way, including but not limited to the promotion of products and services.

In the case of transfer of personal data, it is reported that the recipient of the personal data will assume the same obligations that correspond to the person in charge who transfers the personal data.

Access of Personal Information by other Users

You give your unequivocal consent so that “Artic Media Co LLC” can share Personal Information among users, in order to facilitate information between demands and offers. We may also authorize service providers to collect Personal Information on our behalf, including as necessary to operate certain elements of our Application or to facilitate the delivery of online advertising.

Access to Personal Information for advertising purposes

The user expressly consents that “Artic Media Co LLC” makes use of the data provided, directly or indirectly by users, in the ways described above, for the purpose of sending, communicating or any way that exists or is invented in the future, of make the user knowable of commercial advertisements.